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Delivery Policy

Availability, Delivery and Installation

1. We can deliver to any physical address in South Africa.

2. The Product(s) will be delivered to the address you mention in your order. If no one is there to accept and sign for the Products, we shall not deliver them to your delivery address. If you have not received the Product(s) within the Dispatch Confirmation’s estimated delivery period, please contact us via the Hanley Online Store, by email, or by calling the Customer Call Centre (details are available here: Contact Us).

3. Please keep in mind that pre-order Product delivery schedules are estimates that may alter due to manufacture or transportation delays. Any delays in the delivery of pre-ordered Products will be communicated to you through email at the address you supplied in advance.

  1. Installation services

    4.1. Unless we clearly state that installation is included in the purchase price or that installation of the Product can be ordered during the checkout process, the purchase and delivery of a Product does not include any installation of that Product. Any installation service is subject to the following terms:

(a) We offer installation across South Africa.
(b) Any installation service provided is supplied by a third party installer authorised by Hanley Brand and is subject to the third party’s availability.
(c) Following your purchase of a Product and an installation service at checkout, we will call you on the number you provided to us to schedule an appointment for the installer to install the Product at your chosen physical address.
(d) The installation will only take place if an adult is present at the chosen address at the scheduled appointment time, to allow the Hanley Brand approved installer entry to the chosen physical address and who will be expected to sign for the completed installation. Please note that the installer will not wait for more than 10 minutes past the scheduled appointment time, following which you will need to reschedule a new appointment at an additional cost to you.
(e) Where the installer fails to carry out any installation service because there is no electricity and/or no internet connection, no water supply for laundry and dishwashers or where there is any other interference or hindrance at the chosen physical address, you will need to reschedule a new appointment with the installer at an additional cost to you.
(f) If you need to reschedule your appointment, or have a problem with the installation service performed for you, please telephone the Customer Call Centre (details are available here: Contact Us).
(g) If you think that the installation service performed by the installer has not been performed in accordance with your statutory rights, then, subject to (h) below, you will have the option to select a repeat installation service or request a full refund for the installation service purchased. We will process a refund due to you as soon as possible and, in any case within 14 days of the day we confirmed to you that you were entitled to a full refund. We will refund you in the same way using the same method you used to purchase the installation service.
(h) We reserve the right to check and verify any claim you make about an issue with the installation service you received. If we discover that the problem is due to: I your instructions to us or the installer were contrary to our or the installer’s advice; (ii) you misused, neglected, physically damaged, tampered with, or incorrectly adjusted the Product before, during, or after installation; or (iii) normal wear and tear, we reserve the right to refuse to issue a full refund or to seek compensation from you if we perform a repeat installation service. This has no bearing on your legal rights.

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